Monthly Archive 14. June 2023

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New Executive Bureau

A new executive Bureau was voted into office at the GA meeting on the 25.03.2023. The new bureau is headed by Mr. Kenneth Asang as the president, who takes over from the out-going president Mr. Jimmy Knegfack who has served in this capacity for 4 years (two terms).

The new Bureau was swon in to office on the 29.05.2023.

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End of Year 2021

On 11 December 2021, ACCADA.e.V. organized its annual end of year and fund raising party. This took place at the …..

Due to covid restrictions, the party was limited to members and closed friends. Despites these restrictions, attendance was massive, with entertainment, music and a taste of Cameroonian food on the menue.

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Support to Displaced Pupils

At the begining of the 2022/23 accademic year in Cameroon, ACCADA provided over 50 raincoats to needy, internally displaced pupils residing in Douala Cameroon.

The initiative was agreed on by the General Assebly of the association after receiving a letter from a local association soliciting support.

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The yearly  Altonale street festival in Hamburg shall take place this year on from the 1-2nd July 2023.

As has been the tradition  for over 10 years, the association shall participate at this year’s event.  The theme we will be promoting is: Racism and its Effects on our Offsprings.

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