About Us


The Anglophone Cameroon Cultural and Development Association (ACCADA) formerly known as Cameroon Anglophone Association Hamburg (CAAH), is a non-profit, non-governmental association that was founded in January 1998 by students from the anglophone region of Cameroon, residing and studying in Hamburg, Germany. Although initially limited to students, the association has since evolved and expanded its membership to all Cameroonians from the English-speaking region of Cameroon and well-wishers that share its goals and aspirations.

The seat of ACCADA is in Hamburg, Germany, and the associationโ€™s goals are charitable and accomplished exclusively under chapter 3 of the German tax code (Steuerbegรผnstigte Zwecke ยงยง 51 ff. AO).


  • Promoting the mutual understanding between Cameroonians, Germans and other nationalities

  • Promoting our culture, customs and traditions

  • Connecting with other groups and associations to exchange ideas for development

  • Initiate self-help projects back in Cameroon to help the needy

  • Transfer know-how and technology back to Cameroon for development



Our mission is twofold:

Firstly, to contribute to the socio-economic development of Cameroon, with a particular focus on the anglophone region through the initiation and execution of own projects, as well as provide support to homegrown initiatives, with particular attention to projects that promote the education of youths.

Secondly to cater to the welfare of our community here in Germany by promoting and strengthening integration and solidarity with the German society.


A more peaceful world with equal opportunities and equal rights for all.


  • Trust

  • Teamwork

  • Respect

  • Transparency


  • Monthly General Assembly meetings

  • Organization of conferences, seminars and cultural events

  • Close collaboration with local institutions, government agencies and partners

  • Investment in sustainable small businesses

  • Training and capacity building

  • Deligent planning, execution and evaluation of all projects

  • Voluntary services of members