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Projects and Activities

School Needs for Displaced Children

Starting last year 2022, ACCADA embarked on a mission to provide school needs to needy children who have been displaced as result of the ongoing crises in Cameroon.


On the 25 Febrruary 2023, the new by-laws of the association was adopted by the General Assembly.

Africa Day

ACCADA continues to maintain its collaboration with IMIC.eV. Although the Covid pandemic disrupted this yearly event organized by IMIC, there is enthausiasm amongst the African diaspora in and around Hamburg to once more congregate together in the week long activities.

Partnership with BEF

ACCADA has agreed to a collaboration partnership with the sister organization BEF, with the focus to jointly develop projects to implement in Cameroon.

Navigating Racism and Discrimination

Considering that most immigrants have settled and are building families, and considering that some of our children have complained about discriminatory experience, we are engaging in a multi year project on this topic better inform ourselves, share experiences with our children, develop mitigating solutions.

Building Networks through Football

ACCADA will organize a football match in August 2023. The aim is to meet and network with Students of Cameroonian origin studing in and around Hamburg.

News and Upcoming Activities


Altonale 2024

ACCADA-e.V. will participate in this yearโ€™s Altonale festival which will take place on 2-3 June 2024 in Hamburg. This is the 10th time the


Xmas Party 2023

Accada is organising a grand gala party on the 9th of December 2023. This long-awaited event will take place in the beautiful and spacious rec


ACCADA participates in Altonale 2023

ACCADA-e.V. has actively participated in this yearโ€™s Altonale festival which took place on 1-2 July 2023 in Hamburg. This is the 9th time the a


New Executive Bureau

A new executive Bureau was voted into office at the GA meeting on the 25.03.2023. The new bureau is headed by Mr. Kenneth Asang as the president,